The Junior & Senior Member of the Year Competitions encourage YFC members to share their experiences as a Young Farmer, reflect and evaluate their contributions and achievements in YFC and the wider community through an application and interview process. The competitions provide members with the opportunity to develop their communication, personal development and presentation skills.

    The Junior & Senior Member of the Year will have opportunities to become ambassadors for Montgomery YFC and encourage fellow members and potential members to get involved and promote the opportunities available to them, including events, competitions and training opportunities.

    The winners of each competition have the opportunity of going forward to represent Montgomery at a Wales and National level.

    Montgomery YFC’s 2022 Member of the Year competitions will be held on the 12th February 2022 at the YFC Office, Welshpool Livestock Sales.

    Member of the Year 2022-23

    “As my year as Senior Member of the Year comes to a close, it’s time to reflect on what has been a great experience. I’ve had the opportunity to truly understand how the Federation operates by assisting the County Officials and also understanding the challenges they face from time to time. There are a variety of opportunities to be had when becoming Senior Member of the Year. Give it a try this year, you won’t regret it!”

    Lynfa Jones – Senior Member of the Year 2021-22

    Member of the Year 2021-22

    Junior Member 2021-22

    1af | 1st:

    Elin Orrells – Tregynon

    2il | 2nd:

    Elin Lloyd-Davies – Dyffryn Tanat

    3ydd | 3rd:

    Fflur Edwards – Dyffryn Tanat

    Senior Member 2021-22

    1af | 1st:

    Lynfa Jones – Dyffryn Banw

    2il | 2nd:

    Jess Andrews – Llanfyllin

    Member of the Year 2020-21

    “My time as Junior Member of the Year has been unforgettable, even if it was all via Zoom! It’s given me the opportunity to work with the county officials team where I’ve gained the confidence to speak up in meetings. I’ve also had the chance to attend Wales YFC meetings as an ambassador of the county. It’s a really great insight into how the federation is run, and an opportunity you should definitely go for!”

    Briony Tilsley – Junior Member of the Year 2020-21

    Junior Member 2020-21

    1af | 1st:

    Briony Tilsley – Sarn

    2il | 2nd:

    Holly Page – Sarn

    3ydd | 3rd:

    Ross Isaac – Tregynon

    Senior Member 2020-21

    1af | 1st:

    Sioned Morris – Dyffryn Tanat

    2il | 2nd:

    Caryl Lewis – Llanfair Caereinion

    3ydd | 3rd:

    Ilan Jones – Bro Ddyfi & Jess Banks – Sarn