The International Committee is responsible for organising exchanges and trips overseas and promoting travel opportunities available through Wales YFC and NFYFC.


    Here are the successful county applicants for the Wales YFC 2020 International Travel Programme:

    Ieuan Jones, Bro Ddyfi YFC – Junior Sailing Challenge

    Alaw Jones, Bro Ddyfi YFC – Montana, USA

    Sian Emberton, Berriew YFC & Grug Evans, Dyffryn Banw YFC – Inter-Railing

    Elin Lewis, Dyffryn Tanat YFC – Rural Youth Europe European Rally, Slovenia

    Jamie Hughes, Llanfyllin YFC – New Zealand


    Although all trips have had to be postponed due to Covid-19, the committee members are enthusiastic about rekindling plans to ensure that members have the opportunity of travelling as a County group or as individuals with the Wales YFC and NFYFC travel programmes. If you would like further information about YFC travel opportunities, the International Committee are happy to help!


    Wales YFC 2021 International Travel Programme

    Committee Officials

    Lwsi Morgan


    Phil Evans

    Vice Chairman

    Sian Emberton


    Recent Experiences


    Elin Lewis, Dyffryn Tanat YFC & Eurgain Evans, Bro Ddyfi YFC visited Patagonia in Argentina last October as part of the Wales YFC 2019 International Programme. The tour included a visit to the Eisteddfod, Gaiman & Trevlein during the fortnight.

    “Travelling to Patagonia has always been on the bucket list and YFC made that happen. It is such a beautiful country filled with so much amazing history and adventure. One of the highlights for us was horseback riding at sunset through the hills. The trip has taught us to never take anything for granted, especially our Welsh language, and to do whatever makes you happy. We have all made fantastic friends and memories for life and strongly recommend travelling with YFC.

    Elin Lewis, Dyffryn Tanat YFC & Eurgain Evans, Bro Ddyfi YFC

    Rural Youth Europe Autumn Seminar – Budapest

    Jamie Hughes, Llanfyllin YFC was selected as the Welsh representative to the Rural Youth Europe Autumn Seminar in Budapest as part of the Wales YFC 2019 International Programme. Rural Youth Europe aims to unite rural youth organisations across Europe promoting rural development, an environmental-friendly lifestyle and youth participation. They also raise awareness on human rights and intercultural diversity. In order to highlight the needs of rural youth and to draw the attention of international and national bodies as well as the general public, Rural Youth Europe arrange yearly seminars and a rally to discuss and share knowledge on topics such as rural development, youth participation, intercultural dialogue and human rights.

    The trip was really interesting as I learnt about other European youth organisations and made friendships that I never thought would happen. This was only possible due to YFC!

    Jamie Hughes, Llanfyllin YFC


    Elin Haf Williams, Bro Ddyfi YFC & Tesni Jones, Guilsfield YFC travelled across Europe on the Group Travel Inter-Railing trip as part of the Wales YFC 2019 International Programme.

    Having not travelled to many countries previously, the Inter-Railing trip was a great way to see so many countries and cultures across Europe. It’s a jam packed trip full of adventure and a great way to meet new people!

    Elin Haf Evans, Bro Ddyfi YFC & Tesni Jones, Guilsfield YFC

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