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    Are you looking for a new club to join in our local area? Is Young Farmers something you have previously thought as just a massive club with farmers with their livestock? Don’t worry, we forgive you, it’s a common misconception. We are much more than that, allow us a few minutes to tell you how… 

    At Guilsfield Young Farmers Club, we always pride ourselves in being welcoming to new members. Behind the scenes during the pandemic, we were busy planning activities and finding new and innovative ways to interest new members. To say we were happy to meet again in person would be an understatement, something without realising we take for granted.

    The club has had an excellent start to the year, and we have already seen so much promise and enthusiasm in our new members, who bring fresh new ideas and skills to our weekly meetings and competitions. An exciting prospect indeed! We welcome anyone aged between 10 and 28, and endeavour to create a fun, informative and beneficial environment for all members, ensuring all members are equally catered for during meetings, games and competitions.

    Remember, you don’t have to be from a farming or agricultural background to get involved!

    Our club nights vary depending on upcoming competitions, festivals and rallies, and ensure we show appreciation to our members’ hard work by going ice skating, cinema trips, bowling, and other exciting activities. Talking of competitions, we have been known to dress up on stage, and even dress down on some occasions, purely for entertainment, as well as several “out of your mind” moments too. By being a member, you will never be disappointed. You can help us achieve more, not just for the club, but for yourself too!  

    At Guilsfield YFC, we also pride ourselves in fundraising for good causes, which include hosting an annual community carol service to raise money for MEDS at our local Community Centre, which includes a competition for decorated Christmas trees by the community and raffles, mulled wine and of course, club-made mince pies!  

    It’s safe to say that we are one big evolving family here at Guilsfield YFC. Even though there will be an age where you may be too old to compete, you will have created friendships for life. 

    If what you see here is something you would like to get involved with, we have a Facebook page that you can contact us on or come along to our meetings on Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm and join in at the Guilsfield Community Centre. 

    Wishing you all the best and we can’t wait to welcome you to our club!

    Club Officials

    Swyddogion Clwb

    Dave Andrew