Host Instructions

    Please read the instructions and FAQs before hosting to ensure that the activity is suitable for your members and the number of members in attendance. Although it asks for you to make a donation at the start of the activity, this is not necessary as Montgomery YFC have already donated on your behalf.

    We recommend that you read the FAQs before organising your Club Night.


    Get Preparing

    First you’ll need to decide who will play each of the 8 characters. Make sure you assign yourself one too!

    Meet the Characters!

    Next, you’ll need to send each guest their character script. Simply click on each of the characters to open the individual scripts and forward it on. Be sure to remind them not to sneak a peek and a note that imperfect costumes are most welcome!

    Beryl Belter

    Captain Crawley-Bumble

    Cyril Slick

    Lady Iceberg

    Lily Iceberg

    Madame Who-de-Wotwot

    Marvin Marigolds

    Roger Righthand

    On the Night

    Your scripts will guide you through the evening and over-acting is encouraged!

    You may need to lead the way and get the conversation flowing when you reach discussion sections.

        It won’t all go to pot if anyone drops out. Characters can be doubled up – Beryl and Lily, or Cyril and the Captain are both suitable to be played by one person.

    If there are lots of you wanting to take part, why not split into teams and record which group solves the mystery the fastest? You could use the break-out rooms on Zoom to split into teams. Our handy scoreboard will help you keep track of everyone’s finishing time.


    Already solved the mystery on board the RMS Whodunnit?

    Macmillan have a second Whodunnit mystery at Mulberry Manor for you to work out with your team. So dig out the fancy dress, set a date and invite friends and family to your second virtual Whodunnit evening. Have fun!

    Play the second Whodunnit at Mulberry Manor here!