Host Instructions

    Please read the instructions and FAQs before hosting to ensure that the activity is suitable for your members and the number of members in attendance. Although it asks for you to make a donation at the start of the activity, this is not necessary as Montgomery YFC have already donated on your behalf.

    We recommend that you read the FAQs before organising your Club Night.

    Let the Races Begin!

    There are 8 races. The horses names are written on the racecard here.

    Use the racecard to make a note of everyone’s predictions for who will win each race. You can print the racecard out to write on or type everyone’s names on the PDF. We recommend sharing the racecard with everyone so that they can pick and keep track of their own horse.

    Once you have everyone’s predictions for the first race you are now ready to play the first video and enjoy the fun. If you’re hosting your night over video call, then don’t forget to share your screen so everyone can watch.

    Horse Racing Videos


    Once the race is finished you can announce the lucky winners. If you are playing with prizes, then you can present these as you go or wait until the end and have your own prize ceremony.

    Repeat the above for all 8 races. Make sure to watch the videos in order so that they match the horses on the race card.

    Check out the downloadable scoreboard and handy horse racing pack which includes fun game ideas to make the night one to remember.