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The YFC Eisteddfod takes place every autumn at various locations throughout Montgomeryshire. 

Comprising of Stage Comeptitions, Literature and Arts and Crafts Competitions, the Eisteddfod is one of the federation's largest events in the calendar. 

Contrary to popular belief the YFC Eisteddfod is very much a bilingual event and members can compete in events in either English or Welsh. 

The organising of the Eisteddfod rotates each year around the four organising groups.

Elected in January the committee is formed of four representatives from each of the organising clubs. 

The committee meets five times a year and also feeds into the Wales YFC Eisteddfod which takes place in November of each year. 


Eisteddfod 2017

Saturday, 28th October 2017

Caereinion Leisure Centre

Organising Group: Berriew / Guilsfield / Four Crosses / Llanfair / Sarn

Elected Officials:

·         Chairman:  Caryl Lewis, CFfI Llanfair Caereinion YFC

·         Vice Chairman: Catrin Davies, CFfI Berriew YFC

·         Secretary: Sian Langford, CFfI Guilsfield YFC

·         Treasurer: Lucy Morgan, CFfI Four Crosses YFC

·         Vice Treasurer:  Jess Banks, CFfI Sarn YFC

·         Presidents: Bryan & Eluned Davies


Eisteddfod Entry Form - 2017

All entries for Literacy section to be submitted to office by October 12th and everything else to Caereinion Leisure Centre on Friday 27th October (6-8pm). 




Rheolau Eisteddfod - 2017 - Eisteddfod Rules.pdf

Disco (26 & Under) - NFYFC Rules 2017-18

CFfI Cymru - Wales YFC - Rheolau Eisteddfod Rules 2017.pdf



Canlyniadau EISTEDDFOD Results 2016.pdf

Eisteddfod Scoresheet 2015.xls

List of awards.doc